Code samples

On this site, you'll see the option to get a code sample for each method (in the right hand column under "Code").


For the PHP samples, they use the latest SDK and you'll need to include the following code before each sample (in the examples, this is referred to as mangopay.php):

$MangopayApi = new \MangoPay\MangoPayApi();
$MangopayApi->Config->ClientId = "Your-ClientId"; //#TODO Update with your own info
$MangopayApi->Config->ClientPassword = "Your-Passphrase"; //#TODO Update with your own info
$MangopayApi->Config->TemporaryFolder = "/a/path/to/a/writeable/folder/"; //#TODO The SDK will store it's oauth token here in a file
//$MangopayApi->Config->BaseUrl = ""; //uncomment this line to use the production environment

//Uncomment any of the following to use a custom value (these are all entirely optional)
//$MangopayApi->Config->CurlResponseTimeout = 20; //The cURL response timeout in seconds (its 30 by default)
//$MangopayApi->Config->CurlConnectionTimeout = 60; //The cURL connection timeout in seconds (its 80 by default)
//$MangopayApi->Config->CertificatesFilePath = ''; //Absolute path to file holding one or more certificates to verify the peer with (if empty, there won't be any verification of the peer's certificate)
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