Pagination list management

All the lists returned by the API are paginable.

Parameters (in URL query)

  • Page: index of the page (start to 1) Default value: 1
  • Per_Page: number of items returned. Default value: 10 Max: 100

Here is an example:


If you miss out any parameter in the query, the default value is used.

Header Information:

We provide a link to navigate easily (first, previous, next, last page) in the pagination. Here are examples:`ClientId`/users/`UserId`/bank-details?page=1&per_page=10">; rel="first`ClientId`/users/`UserId`/bankaccounts?page=1&per_page=10">; rel="prev`ClientId`/users/`UserId`/bankaccounts?page=3&per_page=10">; rel="next`ClientId`/users/`UserId`/bankaccounts?page=21&per_page=10">; rel="last

X-Number-Of-Items In the header X-Number-Of-Item you can read the number of items in the entire list.

X-Number-Of-Pages In the header X-Number-Of-Pages you can read the number of pages in the entire list.

Filtering list management

You can filter transactions lists with multiple values for each GET parameter.

Here is an example:

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