Pagination list management

All the list returned by the API are paginable.

Parameters (in URL query)

  • Page: index of the page (start to 1) Default value: 1
  • Per_Page: number of items returned. Default value: 10 Max: 100

Here is an example:


If you miss out any parameter in the query the default value is used.

Header Informations:

We provide a link to navigate easily (first, previous, next, last page) in the pagination. Here are examples:`ClientId`/users/`UserId`/bank-details?page=1&per_page=10">; rel="first`ClientId`/users/`UserId`/bankaccounts?page=1&per_page=10">; rel="prev`ClientId`/users/`UserId`/bankaccounts?page=3&per_page=10">; rel="next`ClientId`/users/`UserId`/bankaccounts?page=21&per_page=10">; rel="last

X-Number-Of-Items In the header X-Number-Of-Item you can read the number of items in the entire list.

X-Number-Of-Pages In the header X-Number-Of-Pages you can read the number of pages in the entire list.