Customising bank statement references (direct debit direct)

Note that this functionality is only available for SEPA (European) payments, and not BACS (UK)

  • You have the ability to add a custom statement descriptor (or reference) for each PayIn – this can be specified via the StatementDescriptor field in the PayIn object
  • The StatementDescriptor field can be up to 100 characters long, and can only include alphanumeric characters or spaces. This field is however entirely optional and can be left blank
  • The information shown on the bank statement is made up of two elements – the name of your account (specified when creating your account) and the optional statement descriptor payin reference. A full example is as follows:

    GC re MANGOPAY ClientName StatementDescriptor

  • You should be aware however that each bank handles this information differently – some may show less or none of the reference and we have no control over this – we continue to work with our partners to improve this
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