How to run and test payments

All these card and account details are for test only. You can only use them in the Sandbox environment

In the Sandbox environment, you can use the following test data to simulate a transaction. Note that you can trigger specific error codes using specific amounts - see the error codes page for more info.

For all cards, the expiry date can be any month/year in the future and the CSV (the three numbers on the back of the card) can be any three numbers


For payments under 50€ you can use these cards:

  • 4972485830400049
  • 4972485830400056
  • 4972485830400064
  • 4972485830400072

To test the Card Web PayIn, use the 3DS cards below.

For payments with 3D Secure you can use these cards: 3D Secure starts from 50€. Therefore in the Sandbox environment, all payments over 50€ must be processed with one of the following cards - please use the correct password shown below to avoid blocking the card:

  • 4970104100876588
  • 4970104100876596

    Since September 12, 2022, 3DS1 testing cards are no longer valid due to the upcoming deprecation of 3DS1 in production. You need to use the 3DS2 flow.

For payments with 3DSV2 in sandbox you can use these cards:

Card that will trigger a frictionless flow :

  • 4970105191923460

Card that will trigger a challenge flow :

  • 4970105181854329

You can only use these cards with the password ″MANGOPAY123″ (is different from the AMEX one!). If you put a wrong password the card will be blocked

In order to test the liability shift, you can use these cards:

  • 4970104100876398
  • 4970104100876299


  • 5549650000001239

If you force the 3DS, please use the password ″MANGOPAY123″. If you put a wrong password the card will be blocked


All Maestro payments require 3DS

  • 6703301948175764
  • 6703303858516573

You can only use these cards with the password ″MANGOPAY123″ (this is different to the Visa/Mastercard and BCMC one!). If you put a wrong password the card will be blocked


  • 30123456789001

Amex (Public Beta, contact support for more info)

All Amex transaction are done with SafeKey (3DS).

  • Card number: 375987888352361
  • CVV: 1234
  • SafeKey password: MANGOPAY123


Choose "Masterpass" from the list and then:

  • Login :
  • Password : abc123
  • Pet name : fido


  • Bank code: 88888888
  • Country of buyer’s bank: Allemagne (‘DE’)
  • Buyer’s bank code: 123456
  • Buyer’s bank password: 123456


You do not need a card to test this payment method – just click on the active bank logo and the transaction will be successful. In production the user will be able to choose its bank logo.


  • 670313300546103454

You must use the password ″MANGOPAY123″ (this is different to the Visa/Mastercard and Diners one!). If you put a wrong password the card will be blocked


You do not need a specific test account to use iDeal in sandbox – just choose "ING" from the two options on the RedirectURL and the transasction will then be accepted (in production, you would then be redirected to the approriate bank to make the payment) Note that the following specific amounts are reserved for specific errors:

  • 2.00EUR: the transaction has been cancelled by the user (101002)
  • 3.00EUR: User has let the payment session expire without paying (001034)
  • 5.00EUR: Transaction Refused (101199)
  • 4.00EUR and 7.00EUR will also result in errors


  • Login :
  • Password : P@ylin3

Then choose any one of the banks and validate the transaction.

SEPA Bankwire

  • IBAN: FR7630004000031234567890143


For testing mandates, you should use a specific value for the FirstName for the user owning the mandate

  • "Invalid" will result in a failed mandate due to incorrect bank account information – note that this only works for mandates with the Scheme "BACS"
  • "Successful" will result in an active mandate, however you must do a payment with this mandate for the status to be updated


  • For testing PayOut please create a validBankAccountand create a Payout to it
  • Please note that we block the BankAccount creation for blacklisted country. In order to test this workflow on sandbox, we have put three countries as blacklisted three countries: MO, MN, VC. To view the list of countries for which the pay-out creation is restricted, please refer to the Restrictions by country documentation.
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