Instant payouts

Use of this feature must be authorised and activated by MANGOPAY. Attempts to use the parameters described below without this authorisation will result in the payout being treated as standard (processed in 48 hours). Please contact to activate instant payouts. See below for activation approaches.


The instant payment mode allows payouts to be processed within 25 seconds, rather than the 48 hours required for the batch processing of standard payout bank wires.


This functionality is available on the PayOuts object. Instant payment is only possible for payout bank wires in euros to a receiving bank in the SEPA zone.


The following criteria are checked by MANGOPAY before we send a request for instant payment:

  • You are authorised to execute instant payments

  • You use the version 2.01 of the MANGOPAY API

  • The user holding the bank account is KYC verified (KYCLevel=REGULAR)

  • The user is not blocked by MANGOPAY

  • The payout is in euros and the receiving bank is in the SEPA zone

  • The amount of the payout is lower than the threshold above which MANGOPAY carries out a manual verification to guarantee the security of your funds (this threshold depends on your activity and workflow, but it is about €2,500 on average)

Once these verifications are complete, we proceed with the request for an instant payout. Several other criteria must be respected for the operation to be instantaneous:

  • The receiving bank must be reachable. This means that it participates in the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer scheme of the European Payments Council (EPC). A non-exhaustive list of reachable banks can be found on the EPC website.
  • No opposition is linked to the banking situations of the creditor or debtor. These oppositions can be functional (e.g. deceased account holder) or technical (e.g. the receiving bank does not respond).
  • No instant payment has been made to the same bank account for the same amount in the preceding 24 hours.

If any one of the criteria above is not satisfied, we process the instant payment request as a standard payout.

Instant payments are not possible to bank accounts created using v1 of the API.

To determine whether a bank account was created using v1 or v2, please compare with the following examples:

BankAccount example created using API v1

    "OwnerName": "Name Surname",
    "OwnerAddress": "6 rue Ordeneria, batiment A, 75018 Paris FR",
    "IBAN": "FR7610107041011234567890129",
    "Tag": "Postman create a bank account"

BankAccount example created using API v2

    "OwnerName": "Name Surname",
    "OwnerAddress": {
        "AddressLine1":"6 rue Ordeneria",
        "AddressLine2": "batiment A",
        "City": "Paris",
    "IBAN": "FR7610107041011234567890129",
    "Tag": "Postman create a bank account"


Please contact to activate instant payouts. There are two ways you can integrate this feature:

1. Threshold

MANGOPAY can set a threshold under which all payouts will be attempted as instant payments. In case of an unsuccessful instant payment attempt, there is a fallback so that the payout will be made automatically via standard bank wire. The threshold approach requires no integration on your side; the feature can be activated as soon as you request it.

2. On demand

Alternatively, you will need to include the new parameter PayoutModeRequested on calls to the PayOuts endpoint, as described below. Under this approach, you are able to request INSTANT_PAYMENT or STANDARD for each payout request. If this parameter is not sent, the payout will be processed as STANDARD.

Please note that it is possible to set a threshold while you complete integration of the parameter PayoutModeRequested. Please contact to switch the activation mode.


Request an instant payment

On calls to the PayOut endpoint, the parameter PayoutModeRequested enables you to request an instant payout by using the value INSTANT_PAYMENT. Otherwise, you can use the value STANDARD to request a normal payout (processed in under 48 hours).

If no parameter is sent, the payout will be processed as STANDARD.

POST  /payouts/bankwire
Field name Format Required Description
PayoutModeRequested string OPTIONAL Payout mode requested. May take one of the following values: STANDARD (value by default if no parameter is sent): a standard bank wire is requested and the processing time of the funds is about 48 hours; INSTANT_PAYMENT: an instant payment bank wire is requested and the processing time is within 25 seconds (subject to prerequisites)

In the response to the API call, the parameter Status will have the value CREATED to indicate that the request has been taken into account.

Verify the payout mode used

Once the payout request has been made, you can verify the mode applied via a GET call to the following endpoint. This new endpoint gives the same information as the existing one with additional information regarding the instant payment.

GET  /payouts/bankwire/{id}
Field name Format Description
Status string The status of the payout, whichever mode was requested or applied.
ModeRequested string The payout mode that you initially requested.
ModeApplied string The payout mode applied in executing the payout request.
FallbackReason object Details regarding the reason for refusal of an Instant Payout request.

{"Code": "001999", "Message": "Generic Operation error"}

If no fallback occurred, null is returned


To simulate a banking error blocking an instant payment, you can use the following bank account:

    "IBAN": "FR541558929750ZZZZZZAC01915",

To simulate a non-reachable bank account, you can enter the following bankwire reference in the call body:

    "BankWireRef": "IP1070",
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