Company number patterns

  • Each company in Europe is given a company number by the state authority
  • This number have various name and patterns in each member state country

Here are the name and patterns:

Please note that the company number must be sent without any space or dots.

Country Name Typical pattern Possible variations
Austria Firmenbuchnummer 2 letters + 6 numbers + 1 letter (LLXXXXXXL)
Belgium Numéro d'entreprise Vestigingseenheidsnummer 10 numbers (XXXXXXXXXX)
Bulgaria ЕИК (EIK)/ПИК (PIK) (UIC/PIC) 9 numbers (XXXXXXXXX)
Croatia Matični broj poslovnog subjekta (MBS) 11 numbers (XXXXXXXXXXX)
Cyprus Αριθμός Μητρώου Εταιρίας Şirket kayıt numarası 2 letters + 6 numbers (HEXXXXXX)
Czech Republic Identifikační číslo 8 numbers (XXXXXXXX)
Denmark CVR-nummer 8 numbers (XXXXXXXX)
Estonia Kood 8 numbers (XXXXXXXX)
Finland Y-tunnus FO-nummer 8 numbers (XXXXXXXX)
France Numéro SIREN ou SIRET 9 numbers (XXXXXXXXX) ou 14 numbers (XXXXXXXXXXXXXX)
Germany Nummer der Firma Registernummer 2-3 letters + 6 numbers (LLXXXXXX)
Greece τον Αριθμό Γενικού Εμπορικού Μητρώου τον Αριθμό Φορολογικού Μητρώου (Α.Φ.Μ.) 12 numbers (XXXXXXXXXXXX)
Hungary Cégjegyzékszáma 2 letters + 10 numbers (LLXXXXXXXXXX)
Ireland Company Number 6 numbers (XXXXXX)
Island TIN 10 numbers (XXXXXXXXXX)
Italy Codice fiscale 11 numbers (XXXXXXXXXXX)
Latvia Reģistrācijas numurs 11 numbers (XXXXXXXXXXX)
Liechtenstein UID 3 letters + 9 numbers (LLLXXX XXX XXX)
Lithuania Juridinio asmens kodas 9 numbers (XXXXXXXXX)
Luxembourg Numéro d'immatriculation 1 letter + 6 numbers (LXXXXXX)
Malta Registration Number 1 letter + 5 numbers (LXXXXX)
Netherlands KvK-nummer 8 numbers (XXXXXXXX)
Norvegia TIN 11 numbers (XXXXXXXXXXX)
Poland Numer w Krajowym Rejestrze Sądowym (numer KRS) 8 numbers (XXXXXXXX)
Portugal Número de Identificação Pessoa Coletiva (NIPC) 9 numbers (XXXXXXXXX)
Romania Număr de ordine în Registrul Comerţului 8 numbers (XXX XX XXX)
Slovakia Identifikačného čísla Identification number 8 numbers (XXX XX XXX)
Slovenia Matična številka 10 numbers (XXXXXXXXXX)
Spain Número de identificación fiscal (NIF) 1 letter + 8 numbers (LXXXXXXXX)
Sweden Registreringsnummer 10 numbers (XXXXXXXXXX)
Switzerland UID 9 numbers (XXXXXXXXX)
United Kingdom Company Number Registration Number 8 numbers (XXXXXXX) Scotland/Wales: 2 letters + 6 numbers (LLXXXXXX)
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