Mandates errors

The table below lists the range of statuses that can be applied to a Direct Debit mandate, along with the corresponding description of when that status applies.

Result Code Result Message More information
001801 The bank account has been closed
001802 The bank details supplied were incorrect
001803 Direct debit is not enabled for this bank account
001804 The user has disputed the authorisation of the mandate
001805 The user has cancelled the mandate
001806 The client has cancelled the mandate
001807 User has let the mandate session expire without confirming
001024 Author is not the Mandate owner
001830 There are insufficient funds in the bank account
001831 Contact the user
001832 The payment has been cancelled
001833 The Status of this Mandate does not allow for payments
001834 The user has disputed the payment
009999 Technical error
001835 The mandate has expired No collection attempts were made against the mandate for over 13 months. As a result, it has expired, is inactive, and no further collections can be taken against it
001836 The mandate has been submitted to the user’s bank The mandate has been submitted to the customer's bank to set up against their bank account
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