Payout error codes

  • If your payout is successfully treated (your payout becomes SUCCEEDED), it can later be reaccredited for a variety of reasons.
  • In this case, the payout stays as "SUCCEEDED" but a new transaction is created, which will be a Refund of the original Payout (in the same way you can have a refunded Payin except the difference is that its not client driven).
  • In this case, as for payin refunds, you’ll have 2 fields within RefundReason -> RefundReasonMessage and RefundReasonType. Possible RefundReason are: BANKACCOUNT_INCORRECT, BANKACCOUNT_HAS_BEEN_CLOSED, OWNER_DOT_NOT_MATCH_BANKACCOUNT, WITHDRAWAL_IMPOSSIBLE_ON_SAVINGS_ACCOUNTS. This will usually be accompanied by a custom message in the RefundReasonMessage field
Result Code Result Message More information
121999 Generic withdrawal error --------
121001 The bank wire has been refused The bankwire has been refused by MANGOPAY or cancelled by the user. You should contact us to unblock the situation and enable the bankwire towards MANGOPAY.
121002 The author is not the wallet owner --------
121003 or 001001 Insufficient wallet balance --------
121004 Specific case: please contact our Support Team --------
121005 Refused due to the Fraud Policy --------
121006 The associated bank account is not active --------
121007 The author is not the bank account owner --------
121008 The request for instant payment cannot be successful due to ineligibility --------
121012 Inapproriate bank account type used The PayOut has been rejected by MANGOPAY’s teams due to an irrelevant BankAccountType used (e.g., “OTHER” instead of “IBAN”).
002997 Blocked due to KYC limitations (maximum debited or credited amount reached) The user needs to be KYC verified (more info)
002998 Blocked due to the Bank Account Owner’s KYC limitations (maximum debited or credited amount reached) The bank account needs to be KYC verified (more info)
002999 Blocked due to a Debited User’s KYC limitations (maximum debited or credited amount reached) One of the users who has contributed to the wallet being debited needs to be KYC verified (more info)
130001 The client's settings are incorrectly configured for instant payout --------
130002 The amount requested is greater than the authorised amount Threshold activation: the amount requested is greater than the instant payment threshold.

On-demand activation: the amount requested is greater than the threshold above which MANGOPAY carries out a manual verification.
130003 The user is not KYC validated --------
130004 The user is blocked by MANGOPAY’s fraud policy --------
130005 One or more required parameters are missing or incorrect. An incorrect resource ID also produces this kind of error For example, the BankAccount address is not a sub-object (v2.01), or there are incorrect or missing parameters in the body.
130006 Technical error; please try again later --------
130007 The destination bank is not reachable --------
130008 Duplicate transaction identified Instant payouts are limited to one instant payout of the same amount to the same bank account per 24 hours.
130009 The destination IBAN is not valid --------
130010 Generic operation error --------
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